A Staffing Agency Could Be the Secret to Recruiting Tech Talent

In today’s competitive hiring market, recruiting tech talent can feel nearly impossible.

The rapid growth of the tech sector means top-quality tech candidates often field multiple job offers.

For companies that struggle to fill open tech positions, partnering with a tech recruiting firm can provide essential help.

Why Staffing Agencies Are Effective in Finding Tech Talent:

  1. Recruiters build relationships.

Tech recruiters seattle spend their days building and maintaining relationships throughout the industries they serve. This also includes cultivating relationships with “passive candidates,” or tech professionals who are already working but who would consider a new role if the situation were right. As a result, when a client reaches out with a request, recruiters knows which candidates possess the technical skills required. And which would be a fantastic cultural fit.

  1. Many recruiters focus locally.

Many staffing firms focus their efforts on deepening connections within the cities or communities they serve. By partnering with a staffing firm, companies gain access to a deep network of relationships within their nearby community. They gain connections with candidates who are already present and building their lives in the area, and thus are more likely to stick with their new employer if the fit is right.

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  1. Staffing firms help their clients build a strong employment brand.

While technical skills are a must for today’s engineers, designers and programmers, these individuals are likely to chase other opportunities if their values and approach to work don’t line up with those of their employer. Recruiting firms specialize in helping clients build an employment brand that sells their cultural strengths and attracts candidates who will thrive in the company’s unique environment.

The Top 5 Challenges Facing Staffing in 2020

The American economy has reached the tipping point with more open jobs than there are workers to fill them. In September 2018, American job openings (and quit rate) reached a 17-year high, Bloomberg reports. To avoid candidate churn and improve hiring and retention, businesses must be aware of these top five challenges in hiring employees in 2020.


1. Talent shortages

According to the 2019 Global Recruitment Insights and Data (GRID) site by Bullhorn, the top challenge cited by recruiters is talent shortages, which 73% say is an issue. With much of the best talent already employed, recruiters must look beyond candidates who are actively applying for jobs and use cold outreach to find talented candidates who are already working.

Professional networking site LinkedIn reports 87% of people are open to new job opportunities. It’s up to recruiters seattle to proactively find the right fit for potential employees


2. High competition

Less candidates equals more competition. Businesses need to make their offering more attractive than their competitors.

That’s not just in terms of financial compensation. A 2019 CNBC/Survey Monkey Workplace Happiness Index study found non-monetary job benefits are key to boost job happiness. The survey results showed 14% of people prioritized more training or learning opportunities, and 9% said more paid time off was most important to improving job satisfaction. Opportunity, contribution, autonomy, and meaning were also cited as important workplace qualities.

3. Slow hiring processes

Slow hiring processes can make your best candidates check out and move on. According to a 2017 study by Glassdoor, the average hiring process length in the United States is around 24 days. Some industries and positions may warrant shorter or longer hiring process. For example, a role in government takes about 54 days to complete the hiring process, while bars and restaurants hire in around 10 days.


If your company’s average hiring process time is longer than the industry average, you could be turning candidates off. As hiring processes drag on, a company faces the following risks:

  • The candidate may not feel valued and becomes disinterested.
  • The candidate is approached by a competitor and wants to work for them instead.
  • The candidate is interviewing with multiple companies and takes an earlier offer.

One way to keep candidates interested is to be transparent about timelines to give them realistic expectations. Hirers need to let candidates know what they can expect from the process so they don’t lose interest and move on.

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4. Increased transparency

Since many of the most talented candidates can afford to be selective, that means candidates are vetting companies just as much as businesses are evaluating candidates. There are company review sites out there, like Glassdoor, and even job search sites like Indeed feature company reviews on their listings.


This is a challenge for companies looking for candidates. Businesses must work to make involuntary turnover as smooth of a process as possible. Retention must be a priority. Engaging employees must be an integral part of business strategy to improve a company’s reputation and attract the best talent.

5. Unrealistic employer expectations

Employers that want top talent need to have realistic expectations about how to achieve that. Here are some things that can hurt hiring efforts:

  • Low-ball salary offers
  • Refusal to cover moving costs for an out-of-state candidate you want to hire
  • No benefits like medical and dental coverage
  • No 401k plan
  • No workplace flexibility, like remote work options, even periodically
  • No employee development opportunities or continuing education reimbursement

These are some of the benefits employees want from a job today, Harvard Business Review reports. An employer that refuses to offer a respectable wage and does not help candidates achieve work-life balance won’t be attractive.


We Looked at 152 Employment Agencies serving Seattle and Picked the Top 5

Career Paths NW

CareerPathsNW is a full service direct hire placement firm with the goal of providing excellent service to both employer-clients and candidate-clients. Focused on direct placement of permanent positions only, all candidates utilizing CareerPathsNW enjoy professional, personalized service at no cost. Whether a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional, CareerPathsNW has the expertise and connections to help, with a strong commitment to providing solutions and a well-established network of employer clients. Serving many of the nation’s leading employers, the firm's team are experts at locating those rarely advertised or difficult to attain positions. CareerPathsNW saves valuable time and effort by coordinating interviews, doing company research and maintaining the confidentiality of clients' job searches. CareerpathsNW was founded in 2008 by Andre Taylor, a star college athlete turned businessman, and in 2013, Tim Murphy was made partner. Both Andre and Tim have a decorated background in recruiting and were previously top performing recruiters at their previous firms.

Kim Finch Cook, Executive Recruiter

Kim Finch Cook, Executive Recruiter is an employment agency in Kirkland. The company has been serving Seattle and other parts of the West Coast for more than 20 years, and it takes pride in its 99 percent placement retention rate. Kim Finch Cook, Executive Recruiter offers a range of services, including thorough searches and matches for hard-to-find C-suite executives, board members, and managers, and some of its clients are Amazon, AT&T, PACCAR, Omeros, Big Fish Games, and Microsoft.

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Langley Recruiting

Langley Recruiting is an employment temp agencies seattle that offers “staffing for legal professionals.” The owner has been part of the local legal community for more than 35 years, and she has worked as a paralegal and legal administrator for several respected attorneys. Langley Recruiting has more than a decade of industry experience, and its areas of interest include personnel training and development, financial management, and facilities supervision. The company website features useful information for law firms and job seekers.

Management Recruiters of Seattle

Management Recruiters of Seattle is an executive search firm in Seattle that has a regional, national, and global reach. The agency opened in 1982, and it welcomes emerging and established clients, including small local businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Management Recruiters of Seattle has various placement options, such as permanent hires and part-time work for interim projects, and its areas of focus include avionics and aerospace, biotechnology and health care, construction and building products, manufacturing, and information technology.

Matrix Finance and Accounting

Matrix Finance and Accounting is an employment agency in Seattle and Bellevue. The company exclusively hires professionals from the accounting and finance industry, and it uses the latest recruitment technology to match deserving candidates with the perfect opportunity. Matrix Finance and Accounting has another office in Portland, Oregon, and its website contains helpful information job seekers, such as “Five tips to secure an in-person interview,” “Building effective networks for career advancement,” and “Best advice for recently qualified CPAs.”

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